Our Product

Our product is the solution for a colorful life

Offered in a variety of colors and packagings, our paint is non-toxic, envrinonmentally friendly, waterproof, and reliable on any solid surface except metal and cloth. While being ready to give your surroundings the most authentic and pure aesthetics, by adding the color of your preference.

Our product has as base Milk Casein. Cow milk protein resulting from the separation of fatty components. Binding and emulsifying substance of high quality. Hence the name of our company !

Non-toxic , environmentally friendly paint

The COWLOR Milk Paint does not contain chemical preservatives (MIT, BIT), which cause allergies, dermatological disorders or respiratory problems. Nor volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are harmful to the environment or also cause long-term adverse health effects. Guaranteed can be applied safely in furniture, walls or other solid surfaces (except metal and fabric) indoor and outdoor (waterproof). It is suitable for use by children over three years old and people with respiratory diseases or allergies.

Authentic look and texture

The COWLOR Milk Paint offers quality matte, velvety, classical surface. Limewash appearance and limestone touch, available for a variety of surfaces without the need of additional materials. Perfect for decorating surfaces or antique restoration and maintenance (buildings, walls, furniture). It is the definition of pure, unique and intense beauty of vintage environment.

Persistence without odor and liquid

The COWLOR Milk Paint reliably remains stable for long periods at the surfaces where it is applied. During and after use releases no odor and protects you from unwanted fumes. Our paint can be offered and maintained, thanks to our special recipe, in liquid form, as opposed to other kinds of paints, which are mostly available in powdered form.Always versatile in a ready-to-use form. Our colors to their properties, meet with your convenience you need to paint!

Instructions for use:

1.The COWLOR Milk Paint is in a form ready for use, and the dilution (with water) then becomes necessary your own desire single

2. Stir the paint thoroughly until a uniform mixture

3. Use a brush or roller to apply the paint

4. It usually takes two to three coats of paint for a full and adequate surface coating

5. A liter of paint covers approximately 5 m2, depending on surface absorption

6. To wash the brush or roller Use only water

7. Avoid contact with eyes

8. Keep paint in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight