10.03.2017 - Presentation of our product and first official sale (Announcement)

Our company is very happy to announce that an open to the wide audience presentation of our product is taking place.

Date: Friday, 10.03.2017                                                                             

Time: 8:00 p.m.

Place: Lecture Hall of Community Board of Pera Chorio-Nissou , Nicosia

Actual subject of the event , is the properties and the advantages of our product and our work in general.

At the end , we are making our first official sale of our product in various random colors. The packaging is exclusively of 450 ml and the price is  €3.90 per item.

Cowlor , so , is inviting you to this of great importance event. To be one of the first to get in touch with this special kind of paint , which we have managed to produce and launch in a brand new eco-friendly way, based on upcycling.

Below , you can see the schedule of the event.                              

Unfortunately , we have no specific times , except of the starting one.

We will do our best to keep the duration as soon as brief as possible , but at the same time enough to transfer the essential information.                                

Estimated duration: 1:30-2 hours

  • Introductory speech by the president of the Board of Directors
  • Projection of video for our production
  • Presentation
  • Questions and comments
  • Sale of our product

We will be very happy to see you there !