10.03.2017 - Presentation of our product and first official sale

Cowlor is announcing , after a while though , that our first presentation of product and at the same time our first official sale has finished with  success. With a very pleasing and satisfying audience , we managed to clearly describe everything about our work and specifically COWLOR Milk Paint. Our first interact with the consumer , involved many sales and that was an important step for our company. We promise to come closer to the audience , the following days , with the help of our new retailers who gave their presence and with whom we are near to end the formal procedures for cooperation agreements. This event , was really of great importance for our company, as the first chance of consumer to have a contact with COWLOR Milk Paint. Thanks to everybody who attended our event and to all the retailers who trusted us and provided us the spark for the beginning of a creative and constructive relationship. Special thanks to the Community Board of Pera Chorio and Nissou for providing us their hall and its facilities.